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Robert Grant of Crown Sterling

Time AI

Using the infinite variation within music composed real time with artificial intelligence, Time AI generates quantum encryption keys as unique as your own iris.

— Crown Sterling

At the beginning of the 2019 Blackhat Conference, a company called Crown Sterling had become a Gold Sponsor of the conference. They had reserved a presentation for a product they called “Time AI” based on a paper (debunked multiple times) in which they claimed to have found the world’s first fast prime generation algorithm. This was met with harsh criticism because the technique wasn’t new. As a result of this criticism, the company filed a lawsuit against the conference and the attendees.

Crown Sterling continued to swear by their technology; even going so far as to put up a demonstration of 20+ year old technology. This was met with multiple responses from the community prompting an investigation into the presenter and his background. The findings may be quite surprising. This post is an attempt to lay to rest any questions about Robert Grant, what he has to sell, and if he has performed any criminal or fraudulent activity in the past.

Dubious Past

Despite his controversial “Time AI” product, Robert Grant (also called “the subject”) is a Chairman or Director of the board of several companies. His holdings company, Strathspey Crown, has a variety of subsidiaries, each with a suspicious presence. Currently in his third marriage, the subject also has a questionable history with women. Selling “quantum vacuum zero point energy crystals” and presenting at CPAK, he has also obtained a significant presence as a cult leader.

During the investigation into the subject’s prior employment, a number of patents were found in conjunction with other types of potential intellectual property (IP) theft. He was also found to have been fired or let go at various points in his career, while being accused of pilfering millions from physicians. The subject and his associates have a long history of claiming to be experts or thought leaders in fields they have no background in and know nothing about.

Cult Leadership

Listed as an “adjunct professor” and “director” on the board for Resonance Science, the subject actively participates in teaching classes such as “The Language of Light” and “The Etymology of Number”. Grant’s research has appeared on “Gaia” and “Ancient Origins”. His next speaking event is to occur at the Conference on Precession and Ancient Knowledge (CPAK) and is entitled “Electromagnetism and Prime Number Polyhedrons: The Science of Musical Geometry”.

ARK crystals are a revolutionary technology that greatly boosts the body’s natural ability to attune with the vitalistic and expansive zero-point field of the quantum vacuum.

— Ark Crystals

Looking further into Grant’s connection to Resonance Science, he’s affiliated with selling new-age style energy crystals called Ark Crystals that use the “quantum vacuum” to produce “zero-point energy” to the rich who can afford them. The marketing team clearly watched too much “Stargate”.

What was the real purpose of the Pyramids & Temples we will be visiting? How does it relate to now in terms of Fractal time, and the Holographic Universe? What is the Galactic Significance?

— Resonance Science

Following CPAK, Mr. Grant’s next scheduled event is an expedition with the Resonance Science team to Mexico, where “students” duped into attending believe they will receive “activated meditations” and visit “Mayan Shamans”.

Prior Employment, Patent Trolling & Fraud

Robert Edward Grant has been employed at numerous companies in the medical and surgical fields in various business management (C-level executive) roles. After “nearly destroying[sic] biolase”, he moved on to become president of Allergan. His presence there has mixed reviews, in which he is accused of pilfering millions from physicians. Immediately following his departure from Allergan, he moved to Bausch & Lomb Surgical where he performed the duties of CEO for less than 17 months, rumored to have been “fired”.

Biolase Technology

According to history, Robert’s first foray into Biolase Technology was performing duties as their Chief Financial Officer (CFO) from June of 2003 until September of 2004. Interestingly enough, Biolase Technology was subject to a class action lawsuit by their shareholders for activity occuring between October 2003 to July 2004. This is the first of many indicators that the subject intentionally misrepresents the facts to investors in an attempt to gain additional venture capital. Convincing the board of directors that the discrepancy was the fault of the CEO, Robert Grant was able to replace him, then the subject “nearly destroyed Biolase” prior to moving on to Allergan.

Bausch & Lomb

Robert took part in questionable actions as the CEO of Bausch & Lomb leading up to being allegedly fired from the company in December 2011, a little over a year after being hired. More than 5 patents, under his own name, were filed in September and October of 2011 that are specifically in the field that Bausch & Lomb conduct business. Given that these patents were not published until 2013, Bausch & Lomb may not have even be aware that this activity of publishing their trade secrets was happening. Having absolutely no medical degree, or background in the field, it would be highly improbable for him to have otherwise obtained this information independently.

Continued Fraud

Armed with patents, Robert Grant began to declare himself an expert in the surgical field. Receiving over 100 recommendations in the field of surgery on linked-in despite never having performed a surgery, the subject began to claim expertise in other areas he has no background in (like cryptography, physics, etc). With the help of other physicians and international connections, he continues to make money through the variety of his shell corporations and cult outreach today.

Holdings Co, Subsidiaries, More IP Theft?

The subject has an incredibly complex rat’s nest of investments and shell corporations used to facilitate various schemes. With mostly physician investors (at least one of which having an utterly terrifying review) and a variety of subsidiaries, his holdings company, Strathspey Crown, sits atop the pyramid. Multiple financial “webs” were discovered throughout the course of the investigation, some of them linking back to his cult leadership and prior employment. Considering that most of the investors are either dermatologists, plastic surgeons, or ophthalmologists, it is likely that all of these are contacts he made during his prior employment, as his prior employers specialized in these particular fields.

Cult Web

As discussed in the cult leadership findings, Robert Grant holds a seat on the board at Resonance Science and is connected to Ark Crystals. Looking carefully at the instructors and faculty of resonance science, one can find familiar faces in the team at Torus Tech, one of the Strathspey Crown subsidiaries. Torus Tech appears to sell only magical products that pull energy from “nothing”.

Energy extracted directly from the vacuum. Nothing to burn, nothing to consume, nothing to destroy. No fumes, no toxins, no limitations.

—Torus Tech

Bionatus Web

Strathspey Crown also owns another holdings company, called Bionatus, which has its hands in various businesses. One such business, Thrival Technologies, claims to work specifically on “Plasma Technologies”. In an unexpected twist, Torus Tech, the company which produces the ARK Crystal, holds a patent in the field of plasma flow interaction simulation. One would think that such capability would be required to create new plasma-based technology, leading investigators to wonder if TorusTech and ThrivalTech work together, or if Robert Grant has somehow smuggled the intellectual property from TorusTech into ThrivalTech as he is invested in both.

Alphaeon Web

Alpheon’s web is more complex than the others. Having multiple subsidiaries itself, it seems to exist to propel a product called Jeauveau, a competitor to his former employer’s (Allergan’s) BOTOX. This, and its relationship with Daewoong, Evolus, and ShoutMD was made clear as early as 2013. Interestingly enough, the two companies ended up in litigation over whether or not the IP for Botox was stolen. Allergan was subsequently forced to hand the recipe for Botox over to Daewoong, begging the question of how to prevent Evolus from relabeling Botox and selling it in the future, or if it already has.

Further investigation revealed that the current CEO of Evolus left Allergan around the same time as the subject, choosing to be “Robert’s bitch”. Even further investigation shows that Grant continues to poach employees from Allergan into his “Newtox” venture.

“Newtox” is relatively new to the market and has had mixed reviews from physicians, prompting Evolus to attack and harrass them. Evolus’s legal team has reportedly contacted these physicians most likely with threats of lawsuits or other litigation, similar to how Robert Grant filed a lawsuit against those who disagreed with him at the blackhat conference. As a result, these mixed reviews are only available in the google cache and

Another rabbit hole in the maze of Alphaeon reveals that some of the physician investors of Strathspey Crown are directly involved in selling Jeauveau and receiving kickbacks in the form of Evolus-sponsored flights and free rides to launch parties. Federal Trade Commission requires social media users to disclose relationships with companies when promoting their products on social media. Do these investors notify clients of their conflicts of interest? Because they were likely connections made during his prior employment, did they help to modify the Botox recipe until it could withstand the scrutiny of litigation?

History with Women

The subject’s personal history with women includes questionable activities ranging from relationships with sex workers to being legally married to two women at the same time. Multiple accusations have also been made that he sexually harasses women in the workplace. Apparently this individual does not limit his exploitation to capitalist ventures.


One of Robert Grant’s old personal twitter accounts (@rgrant888) has an extremely limited interaction with other accounts. His one mutual follow, @the1kellyvegas, is an escort and [nsfw] pornstar who also uses the stage name [nsfw] “Charity McLain”. Screenshots of his account have been taken in case he should try to destroy the evidence. Due to the fact that she was in Las Vegas for an event at the same time as the subject, it is likely that the subject secured her services using [nsfw] her sipsap page.


Currently on his third marriage and recently having his second child, the subject has “history” with the ex-wives. He married his second wife, Kathryn Anne Myers, on October 5th, 2002. The divorce of his first wife, Bethany Barrus, didn’t go through until December 5th, 2002. While Bethany was in Utah, it is unclear if the second marriage to Kathryn was actually legal, as it was likely in another state (California). It is unknown if his current wife knows about his past relationships to this extent.

Sexual Harassment?

Yeah look at Robert Grant’s track record- rode the wave at allergan, fired at B&L, and a long record of harassing every female that worked for him. What a resume.

— Cafe Pharma Forum User

While investigating the subject’s holdings companies, a number of sources (such as glassdoor) were checked for reviews on the management. One glassdoor review contained the words “Harasses Employees”, prompting some additional digging. This uncovered multiple instances of him being accused of sexual harassment towards women in the workplace. In one instance, he may have even replied to the allegation himself in an attempt to antagonize the victim.


In closing, Robert Edward Grant has been involved in a number of questionable activities ranging from cult leading and snake oil selling to stealing intellectual property and being predatory towards women. Anyone who tries to call him out on these behaviors is immediately sued. Investors and women should stay far away from this individual, and regulators like the FTC and SEC should put him under even more intense scrutiny. While the investigation has revealed many unscrupulous findings, there is more than certainly additional questionable conduct not covered in this article. Some of this conduct is only unethical, but much of it may actually be illegal. Hopefully this will inspire others to dig deeper and investigate further, while serving as a warning to predators who would engage in the same (or similar) behavior.


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